Benefits of car sharing

Car sharing provides guests with access to shared cars without dealing with the high cost and extensive responsibilities of owning a car. While car rental is one option for mobility, car sharing is an attractive alternative for many guests.


Use self-serve apps to book any time of day or night.


Find, book, and unlock cars without contact with the owner or agency.

Short terms

Book vehicles by the hour, day, or longer.


Get approved with automated driving record checks.

Easy payment

Establish a verified payment method.

Close by

Access vehicles in convenient areas, often in dedicated parking spaces near public transport.

Insurance coverage

Be covered by liability insurance during trips.

Private ownership

Book cars owned by private individuals.


Eliminates sharing transportation with unknown drivers and passengers.

Why Zipcar?

Join in minutes

Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most people are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes.

Drive on demand

Book a round trip car by the hour or day. Use our car sharing app to unlock and lock during your trip. We’ll also send you a Zipcard.


When you’re done, park the car in the same location you picked it up from, then end the trip with the app.

How Zipcar works

Reserve wheels when you want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time you drive.

Save money

Zipcar covers gas, insurance options,* parking, and maintenance for a potential savings of $600/month over car ownership.

Cars near you

Zipcars live in your local neighborhood, and in cities, campuses and airports across the globe.

Drive on-demand

No waiting in line at the counter. (No need to even search for your keys!) Just book and go.

Go beyond public transit

Zipcar is the perfect complement to the bus and train—whether it’s local errands or weekend adventures.